The Benefits of a Well-Maintained Garage Door

A garage door that is properly and regularly maintained can ensure the safety of your home while simultaneously increasing your property’s curb appeal. Whether you choose to replace your garage door with a fresh, new one or give the current door some much needed TLC, doing so will allow you to reap many benefits that continue for years to come.

Increased Value

When you have a garage door that is well-maintained or new, its fresh aesthetic will increase the value of your home. Since garage doors are often found at the front of the home, they are one of the first elements noticed by people, especially any prospective buyers. Your curb appeal will be amplified, likely causing your home to sell quickly.


If you’re not ready to move yet, changing the look of your home still has benefits! A new door style, color, or finish will make your house look nicer and stand out among all of the other basic doors around.

Maintains Safety/Security 

A garage door that’s operating smoothly means your items and your home are safe. A broken or damaged door can lead to easy break-ins, meaning that anything you store in your garage is at risk. If the garage is attached to your home, you’re also placing your family at risk for intruders. Keep everyone safe by ensuring your garage door is in its best shape and functioning properly.

Weather Protection

Strong weather, like high winds, can cause damage to or even completely remove garage doors. This type of destruction can mean that the stability of your entire house is in jeopardy. A garage door that is in great condition is more stable, even when bad weather rolls through your area.

Regular Maintenance

Sometimes, the best way to preserve your garage door is to schedule regular maintenance inspections. The benefits include saving money and extending the lifespan of your door.

Money Saving

Fixing small issues regularly can save you money on larger repairs or replacing a door sooner than expected. When small parts are fixed or replaced, as needed, the larger operating parts are not at risk of becoming damaged.

Garage Door Lifespan

Typical garage doors should last around 20 years if well-maintained. Older doors using chains or belts should last up to 15 years. By regularly checking your door, it will stand strong and functional for a long time, saving you time and money.

Aladdin Doors: Your Garage Door Maintenance Experts

At Aladdin Doors, we work hard to be the garage door professionals you need whether for a quick fix or a brand new door. We offer a variety of services including roller and spring replacement, fixing a door that is off its track, or installing a brand-new door whether for residential homes or commercial businesses. Be sure to contact us to keep your garage door maintained, helping you out in the long run!