5 Winter Garage Door Maintenance Tips

No one likes the inconvenience of an inoperable garage door – especial during a rainstorm or blizzard. Before postponing a routine maintenance inspection on your garage door until something breaks or malfunctions, be proactive by following these five garage door maintenance tips, giving you one less thing to worry about during the winter that won’t break the bank.

Keep Your Garage Organized and Energized

If something rendered your garage door unworkable, it’s wise to keep interior and exterior pathways to your garage door clear and accessible. When winter’s weather delivers heavy snow and sleet, try to keep the build-up away from the exterior to prevent a potential hardening into an icy shell over the bottom seal. Keeping the interior of your garage clear of clutter eliminates obstacles in your way if an issue suddenly arises. Be sure to also regularly check and replace the batteries in your garage keypad and remote as that alone could spare you from a problematic experience.

Check and Replace Your Garage Door Seals

The seals on your garage doors and windows are imperative in keeping the weather and any unwelcomed insects or rodents out of your home or commercial space. In addition to creating a barrier for the outdoor elements, maintaining the seals can keep your home or commercial area’s utility bill to a minimum. Heating expenses can unfortunately rise due to an unidentified break in your garage door seal. Be intentional in your garage door maintenance by looking for any cracks, holes, tears, or any abnormal defects that would hamper its performance and have them replaced as soon as you can.

Lubricate Hardware and Moving Components

Squeaky wheels and springs don’t always agree with your garage door, especially during the winter. With the freezing temperatures winter brings, the moving components of your garage door could snap, stick, or malfunction if not correctly tightened or lubricated. Taking proactive measures costs a few dollars and some elbow grease. Lubricating the hardware and moving pieces only requires a small amount of WD-40 applied. Do not resort to olive oil or other household oils as those promote harmful buildup that can result in further wear and tear.

To remove excess gunk and residue from your garage door’s rollers and springs, simply find a gentle cleaning product that effectively removes grease to carefully clean the area. Do not forget to use a clean cloth and wipe the sensors. If you notice that your springs require more than a simple cleaning, do not try to modify the equipment on your own! Call a trained team member who can safely service your request in a timely manner.

Test the Balance and Auto Reverse Features with Your Garage Door

In order to perform this assessment, release the automatic opener handle and manually lift the door until opened halfway. You will instantly know if the springs keep everything balanced when your garage door remains in place after your let go. If it begins to slide down, you should request a free estimate from a professional on needed repairs or maintenance. Do not forget to reattach the automatic opener handle!

To check the functionality of your garage door’s auto reverse, place a cardboard box or small block in the door’s pathway and close the door. If the automatic sensors prevent the door from crushing the object below and reverse to reopen, the sensors operate accordingly. If not, a quick garage door service inspection can solve the issue.

Schedule an Inspection with Aladdin Doors

Garage Door Maintenance requires professional attention and action and should not be attempted without assistance for your own safety. To effectively and reliably assess the current condition of your home or commercial space’s garage doors, contact Aladdin Doors of Kane County and schedule a consultation before winter affects the performance of your garage door.