Garage Door Services in Maple Park

Garage door services in Maple Park are no longer hard to come by. Aladdin Doors provides extensive and quality garage door repair and maintenance services to help keep your garage door working properly. We offer repair services for all types of garage doors, both residential and commercial. 

Roller Replacement

These small wheels can cause big issues for your garage door’s functioning. If you hear loud noises when your door is opening or closing or if it’s sluggish, its likely time for your rollers to be replaced. Rollers can become dirty or rusty over time and if left unattended, they can cause damage to other areas of your garage door. We offer a lifetime warranty for our nearly sound-proof rollers.

Spring Replacement

You won’t be able to miss the signs of springs in need of replacement. You’ll notice if your garage door isn’t working how it used to or suddenly won’t open or close fully. Garage door springs hold immense tension from the weight of the door, so it is imperative you call a garage door specialist to inspect and install new ones. The springs can snap and break finger and hand bone if not handled properly so please do not try to remove them on your own. Our best practice is to replace both springs to help prevent the second from breaking shortly after the first is replaced. 

Doors Off Their Tracks

Garage door sag is sad but like your garage door spring, this is not a problem to attempt to remedy on your own. If your door has fallen off its track and you continue to use it, it may cause further damage to other components of the door. We guarantee same day service to help solve issues like these and more. 


Your garage door isn’t the only thing we can fix! We offer garage door opener repair, sales, and installation to ensure the full use of your garage door. We’re an authorized service dealer and are happy to recommend the best configuration of openers, keypads, and remotes to meet your needs. We can also assist you with the LiftMaster app which allows you to access your garage door remotely 24/7. If you’ve replaced your remote battery and still have an issue, call your garage door specialists.

Installation and Sales

In the rare case that your garage door is beyond repair or is old and in need of replacement, we offer sales and installations for commercial and residential garage doors. We are happy to help pick the style, color, and type of door that is ideal for your needs and desires. Residential styles include traditional, carriage, full view, and custom.

We offer free estimates and guarantee same-day service because we know your time is valuable. Our goal is to help keep your family safe by providing the best garage door service in Maple Park. For all your garage door needs give us a call or visit our website to view coupons, learn more about our services, and request a contact.