Identifying Common Garage Door Problems

You don’t have to be an expert to know if there is a problem with your garage door. The problem often seems as simple as a screeching noise, a gap in the panels, a lagging movement, or a crash, but the underlying issue is usually something more. Here are a few tips to identify common garage door problems and what you should do next.

No Power to the Motor

We’ll start with the most simple explanation for why the door won’t budge when the remote or wall switch is pressed. When the power is disrupted, the disconnect is often at the plug. Check the outlet to ensure the cord is plugged in all the way. Next, check the circuit breaker to make sure it isn’t tripped, or the fuse isn’t burned out. If you experience repeated breaker trips in the garage, there may be a short circuit somewhere in the system. Worst case scenario, the motor may have burnt out which would require a service professional to replace it. 

Opener Isn’t Working

When the motor operates with the wall switch but not with the remote, a simple fix is replacing the batteries in the remote. Additionally, if you notice you must be closer to the garage door to operate the opener than you used to be, you may need to adjust the antenna on the motor unit. The remote programming may lose its sensitivity over time, but it can be easily reset. If you’re not sure how to reprogram your remote, check your manual, look online, or have your garage door service professional help during their visit. 

Garage Door Isn’t Fully Closed or Open

The set-limit switch tells your garage door when to stop running after the door is opened or closed. If this switch is set incorrectly, it may prevent the door from fully opening or closing. The set-limit switch must be set correctly so the door won’t close on someone or hit them as it closes. Typically, the set-limit switch is a screw feature on the motor unit that can be adjusted. 

Another common fix to a garage door that won’t operate properly is realigning the safety sensors. The electronic eyes at the bottom of the door tracks need to be perfectly aligned so the door will close without hitting an obstruction. They often have a light that will flash when the eyes aren’t level so you can clearly see they need to be adjusted.

Fixing Your Common Garage Door Problems

Garage door issues come in all shapes and sizes. Some problems happen suddenly and without warning, but other problems occur slowly, with a warning before everything comes crashing to a halt. When you suspect your garage door isn’t working optimally, you need to take action fast. Allowing your garage door to operate with a problem will likely cause further damage.

If you’re experiencing issues with your garage door, contact the service professionals at Aladdin Doors today! Aladdin Doors services all types of common garage door problems and other issues like doors off their tracks, roller replacement, and door installations. We offer same day garage door services, repairs, and installations so you can keep pace with your life.