10 Tips for Getting Your Garage Clean This Spring

At Aladdin Doors, we are just as excited for warm weather and longer days as you are. We can’t wait to pull out the bikes and watch the kids run around the neighborhood. But before we can let loose, we need to reel it in and get the garage ready for spring. 

1. Strategize 

When in doubt, start with a plan. This enormous task can be overwhelming if you don’t make a clear plan of action. Write it out and, if possible, ask a friend to help you out. This will help the job go quicker (and gives you someone to have chat with).

2. Remove Everything

You’ll want to take everything out of the garage so you can see all your belongings. This step is easy and crucial. It sets the stage for every following step.

3. Declutter

Once you have everything out of your garage you can clearly see what you need to get rid of. You should make several piles: a pile for things to keep, toss, sell, donate, and recycle. If you’re super efficient, you can do this step as you pull everything out.

4. Clean It Out

Actually cleaning the garage will probably be the most time-consuming task. You’ll want to blow out any debris and brush the ceilings and walls with a broom. We recommend working from top to bottom and left to right to ensure you clean the entire garage. Wipe down any flat surfaces and keep the garage door open so it can air out. Keep shop towels handy to make cleaning up messes effortless.

5. Clean the Floor and Windows

With the floor clear of stuff, hose it down and squeegee the excess water out. So your belongings do not become damaged, be sure they are far enough from the water. After the floor is clean, wash the windows while the floors dry.

6. Assess Your Doors 

This is a great time to call your garage door experts to inspect your garage door and perform any needed maintenance or repairs. If you notice a sagging spring, a laggy door, or a noisy motor, it’s time for a repair.

7. Organize into Categories 

Your garage is almost ready to be put back together but before it all goes in, it’s time to sort it again. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can tackle this step as you declutter (see step three). It makes it much easier to find what you’re looking for when everything’s organized.

8. Put It Away

No explanation needed here. It’s time to put everything back. Be sure to keep dangerous cleaning chemicals, harmful tools, and machines away from kids. If your kids have their own toys and gear, store them somewhere near the ground, easy for them to access.

9. Label if Needed 

For the overachiever, labeling can be helpful to keep your garage neat and organized. It also helps you remember to put things away after you’re done using them.

10. Keep It Clean 

Half the battle is the initial clean up. The other half is keeping it up throughout the year! Doing a seasonal spring cleaning is a great way to get your garage back in shape after a long winter. However, if you maintain the cleanliness throughout the year, you’ll have less work next year.

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