Misconceptions About Glass Garage Doors

Glass garage doors are not the typical choice for Midwesterners. Most homeowners opt for a more traditional and standard garage door rather than choosing something out of the ordinary. There are pros and cons for each type of garage door option on the market so today we will outline a few of the advantages and disadvantages for glass garage doors. 

Advantage: Additional Space

The most advantageous part of a glass garage door is the way it can open up your garage as an additional living space. Most people associate a garage as storage or a shed for lawn maintenance machines and other tools. For those who have a shed, the garage can be used as a lounge, a man cave, or any other type of space you desire. The glass door provides an opportunity to transform your garage into an entirely unique and inviting room. The glass also gives an industrial look to your garage and brings an artistic element to work with in the interior design. 

Advantage: Appearance

While this goes along with the benefit of additional living space, choosing a glass garage door provides natural lighting to your space. Whether you choose to use it as a workspace such as an art or hobby studio or living space, the glass adds artistic elements while reducing the need for additional artificial lighting. 

Disadvantage: Functionality

Because your glass garage door will act just like a giant window, its function will be very similar. Glass garage doors are rather inefficient at insulating your garage, even with insulated glass. Insulated glass is used to help maintain climate control, however, steel and wood are much better options for increased insulation. Many homes don’t include the HVAC system in the garage but if you’re fighting to help keep your garage warm, it can make a huge difference, especially when you’re transforming your garage into a living space. 

Disadvantage: Privacy

For obvious reasons, glass garage doors are rather lacking in the privacy department. Not only will people be able to see into your garage door which may all your business is exposed but it may be potentially dangerous when your valuable items are plain to see. It also means potential burgers have the opportunity to see when no one is home and what items are easily accessed. However, frosted glass doors provide some of the advantages while also providing privacy. And if you like the appearance of the clear glass, consider storing any valuable inside or hidden in cabinets or under a cover.  

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