How Cold Weather Can Affect Your Garage Door

Chicagoland just experienced the longest cold spell in a long time. Many people were able to avoid going out by working from home or using a sick day, but as those who unfortunately had to brave the elements will tell you, it was like nothing they’ve ever felt before. You weren’t the only one affected by the polar vortex. In fact, your home and your garage took the brunt of it by protecting you from the harsh winds and biting chill.

Door Functioning

Many warnings that went out prior to this cold spell included the suggestion to not open your garage door. This is because opening your garage door may do more harm than good. If it’s cold enough, the metal components of your door may contract which would make it dangerous to open. The cold could break the springs, freeze the lubricant, or misalign the garage door tracks. If you’re able to warm the inside of your garage, this may not be a concern, but many garages are not attached to the heating system of the house.

Frozen Door

Your garage door is surrounded by wooden frames and jams that can absorb water which causes them to swell. This swelling will prevent the door from opening and closing properly, locking you in or out of the garage. Even if the water is only sitting on your door rather than penetrating it, the door may become frozen shut. When the door is frozen shut and you attempt to open it, you may put too much strain on your opener, or you may strip its gears. Prevention is the ideal option but if you can’t dry your garage door before the water freezes, its best to pull the emergency release cord, attempt to chip the ice off the bottom of the door, and then try to lift the door manually to break the ice off the seals. If the ice is too thick or stubborn, you can use a heat gun to help melt the ice quicker. Keep the heat gun moving as the heat may damage your garage door finish if the heat is left in one place too long.

Opener Issues

This powerful motor isn’t impervious to harsh cold weather. The motor has to work harder in the cold weather which means lubrication is vital. You’ll want to ensure you use the proper lubrication for the motor or the consistency may thicken causing the motor to work even harder. Ample lubrication is important for your springs as well because they aid the motor’s functioning. You want to be sure you do all you can do to help your motor operate optimally.

Photo-Eye Errors

The photo-eyes are a crucial part of your garage door. They may become covered in snow, ice, or condensation which prevents the door from opening or closing. If you’re experiencing a garage door that won’t open, this should be the first thing you check.

No one likes subzero temperatures, but we can prepare for them. To ensure your garage door is in proper working condition, call your garage door experts, Aladdin Doors of Kane County. We perform all types of repairs such as roller replacement, fix doors off their tracks, and spring replacement. Regular maintenance is a great way to protect your home and your family from a broken garage door. Call us today to schedule your visit or check out our website for coupons.