Misaligned Garage Door Tracks Can Cause Major Problems

It’s easy to take your garage door for granted until suddenly you’re locked out, or worse, locked in. Your garage door is usually a well-oiled machine, working at the push of a button with ease. But when your garage door tracks are misaligned, this perfectly functioning machine is in need of immediate repair. As always, garage door problems are best left to the professionals. They can be caused by underlying issues that the average Joe can’t assess and if they’re messed with, can lead to bigger and more dangerous issues.

The Problems

Your garage door experiences normal wear and tear which over time can cause the tracks to slowly misalign. You won’t notice it at first as the misalignment will be minimal, but as the gap grows, the problem becomes bigger. Even a nice bump to your door tracks can cause them to shift. Or the hardware has become loose. There are a few reasons your garage door may be misaligned but just because you may not be able to pinpoint the cause, the issue is likely misalignment.

The misalignment of your garage door can lead to other problems as well. Your garage door may become crooked and won’t close fully, there may be large gaps between your molding and the door, the door may be slow or impossible to open. If you attempt to remedy the situation on your own, you will likely cause further damage to your tracks, your hardware, or yourself. The door can tip off balance and fall off the tracks which would not only damage your door but possibly your vehicle as well. Don’t let a minor, less expensive problem turn into a major, expensive problem.

Other Issues

If you think you can live with a door that is misaligned, think again. You may only be experiencing a slow door which can be annoying but manageable but what you may not realize is that the longer you leave the situation alone, the more problematic and more dangerous it becomes. Your crooked door leaves you as an easy target to burgers and rodents, neither you’d wish on anyone.

If your door is rubbing against the molding as it opens and closes, it’s wearing down the molding. Now you have two problems to deal with. And if your springs are taking on more tension than they’re used to, you’ve got another issue to add to your collection. But please do not try to replace your springs on your own. As we mentioned, they hold immense tension from your door and can snap and break finger or hand bone very easily. Always call a garage door professional to ensure proper and safe repairs.

The Solution

Regardless of the underlying issue or the specific problem, you’re facing, your garage door is in need of professional garage door alignment. Because the alignment may be on one or both of your tracks and may be hard to know which and how misaligned they are, your Aladdin Doors garage door experts will be there the same day you call. We offer professional garage door services including alignment, spring replacement, roller replacement, opener sales, and door sales. No matter what issues you face, Aladdin Doors is here to be your solution.

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