5 Fall Garage Organization Tips

Midwesterners have more in their garage than most, summer gear, fall rakes and blowers, and winter snow gear. It’s no wonder our garages are constantly a mess and we can’t find what we’re looking for. At Aladdin Doors, we want to help get your garage in shape for the winter by sharing a few organization tips.

Get Inspired

Time to do a little homework and look for ways to create a vision for your garage. Gathering inspiration from other garages is a great way to make sure your garage is not only functional but also attractive. Every garage is different so use inspiration sites to search for specific ways to use the space and storage units you have efficiently. Consulting an organization expert can be a great way to break out of the confines of your current storage system and make the most of your space.

Work Vertically

Keeping your floors uncovered by storage boxes and equipment is vitally important all year long. It’s much more difficult to blow out debris and leaves or clean up melted snow from your vehicle if you don’t have space to move around your garage. Keep a 2-3 feet radius clear around your vehicles to allow space to open your doors fully without hitting other cars, storage units, or lawn equipment. By using your wall space efficiently, you can take advantage of your vertical space and still have ample room to store one or two vehicles in your garage. And of course, depending on if you have a shed for storing off-season equipment, you may need to rearrange what you keep in your prime space. Your garage storage is limited so be sure to prioritize which items you will use more frequently and can be stored in easy to reach places.

Consider the Kids

Store all the kids’ toys, sports equipment, and safety gear in one convenient location. Not only will it help prevent your garage from looking cluttered, but it helps protect your kids from maneuvering around other equipment or tools that may be dangerous. Choose a storage cabinet with plenty of space to organize the different types of toys and equipment on different shelves. No more looking all over the garage for the knee pads, baseball mitts, or chalk.

Hang It Up

Gone are the days your garage ceiling is solely for your garage door tracks. However, as your garage door experts, please be careful as you hang overhead storage containers. You want to make sure you leave plenty of room for your garage door to operate smoothly without impediment from other storage tracks. Overhead storage units are ideal for storing off-season items such as winter coats, swimming gear, and extra sporting equipment.

Your garage is the landing zone for your life. Whether you’re a soccer mom, a stay-at-home dad, or an adventure junkie, we want to help you get back in gear. Offering organizational tips isn’t all we do, we also provide garage door services including roller replacement, doors off their tracks, installations, and sales. Give us a call for your garage door repair needs or visit our website for coupons and other helpful garage door tips.