My Garage Door Won’t Open All the Way!

Whether your garage door is only opening an inch, a foot from the bottom, or a foot from the top, there is an obvious issue that needs to be addressed. We know it can be tempting to fiddle around and try to fix issues on your own, but your garage doors can weigh hundreds of pounds and can do serious bodily harm to you or your vehicle if not handled with care. We have seen and fixed all sorts of issues that require professional help, so leave the hard work to us. Let’s take a look a few possible reasons your garage door won’t open all the way.

Why Won’t My Garage Door Open?

Objects in the Way

Some garage doors have a lock system that will prevent the garage door from opening or closing all the way if there is something in the way. This can help protect you, your car, and belongings from being smashed by your garage door. If you see your garage door begin to open or close and then go back to its original position, be sure to check near your garage door and its tracks to make sure the path is clear.

Broken Springs

As always, when it comes to handling garage door springs, do not attempt to remove, tighten, or fix on your own. Garage door springs hold incredible tension and if they snap, they can break finger bones easily. Broken or unwound springs can prevent your garage door from opening or closing all the way. When you call your Aladdin Door repair technician, we replace both springs at the same time to help avoid the second breaking shortly after the first.

Force Adjustments

This issues can be tricky to resolve if you aren’t a garage door repair expert. Garage doors have a “force setting” which tell the opener how much force to use when raising or lowering the door. This setting can be changed if your garage door won’t open all the way but you’ll need to adjust it slowly in order to prevent damaging your door, rollers, and tracks. Your owner’s manual may have instructions on how to do this but we suggest calling a professional Aladdin Door technician to do this for you.

Why Aladdin?

Our professional garage door services include repairing doors off their tracks, replacing springs, roller replacement, and garage door opener replacement. Specializing in all types of repairs means we have experienced and remedied nearly any garage door issue you may have. We are an authorized service dealer of remotes, keypads, and openers and we can help you choose the best configuration for your needs and desires.

It’s time to get back on track and enjoy the fall weather. If your garage door won’t open all the way, call your garage door repair specialist, Aladdin Doors, to quickly repair, service, or install your new garage door. We provide same day services, repairs, and installations to help get you back in action and make sure your family is kept safe.

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