Garage Door Tune-Up

The kids are heading back to school and the carpooling is about to begin again. There are few things worse than trying to rush out the door and being greeted by a garage door that won’t open. One of the best ways to avoid this unfortunate situation is to call your trusted garage door experts, Aladdin Doors, for a garage door tune-up. You may be wondering, “What does a tune up include? I could probably do it myself.” There are plenty of to-do items for you to take care of, let us take care of his one, and we will tell you why.

What is a Garage Door Tune-Up?

A garage door tune-up includes a number of tasks that require specialized knowledge and equipment to perform. While you may find quite a few articles suggesting you can try these tasks yourself, it isn’t worth risking your safety or the functioning of your garage door. When our professional technicians arrive, they will disconnect the power to all electrical components. This ensures the garage door won’t accidentally turn on while it’s being worked on.

The easy parts of a tune-up are the obvious issues. Weatherstrips and sealants can become dry and cracked over time and may need to be replaced so they keep water and weather out. Rollers are another key component of your garage door that is often an obvious issue. When your rollers aren’t functioning properly, your garage door may emit a loud squeak or it may not open and close as it used to. Sometimes the rollers may need a quick spray of WD-40 to help them roll smoothly, but only if they are not broken and are made of metal. Non-metal rollers can be damaged by WD-40.

There are quite a few moving parts in your garage door and each of these parts can be damaged and prevent your garage door from working optimally. Trained garage door experts are the only ones who can truly inspect and solve any and all garage door issues and help you avoid future issues. Doors off their tracks are a huge issue as are broken garage door springs and rollers. We guarantee same-day servicing and repairs for our customers.

Why Can’t I Do It?

Well, you could certainly try your hand at a garage door tune-up but we strongly recommend you do not attempt any garage door repairs or replacements. A garage door can weigh upwards of 200 pounds and more. Without proper safety training, working with these beasts can cause serious damage to you or your home. It isn’t worth the risk to attempt a fix yourself just to save a few dollars.

Garage door tune-ups are no joke and we don’t mess around when it comes to making sure your family is well taken care of. Our experts are extensively trained to inspect, analyze, and solve all your garage door issues. We highly recommend an annual tune-up to ensure your garage door is working at its peak condition and keeps the carpool running smoothly. For all your garage door repair, servicing, and installation needs call us today!

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