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The moment you realize your garage door won’t close or open properly, you’ve got a problem. Sometimes it’s a simple fix, like adjusting the sensors that prevent your garage door from closing on you, or it can be complicated, like a broken spring. There are several reasons a garage door won’t work properly and the specific problem isn’t always clear. Garage door repairs are best left to your Aurora garage door services provider, Aladdin Doors. Our expertise in garage door repairs ensures your garage door operates at its best and will continue to run smoothly all year long.

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Your garage door won’t budge without the use of its rollers, or it may be stuttering or making a screeching noise when it operates. This is a reliable indication of an issue with your rollers. Over time, the rollers can accumulate dust or become rusted which will prevent them from rolling properly. This can lead to further damage to other parts of your garage door which can be dangerous and costly to fix or replace. Aladdin’s same-day service provides the speed and quality you need for your roller replacement needs. With our nearly sound-proof rollers, you’ll enjoy more of the sounds of summer and less of what you shouldn’t hear.


Garage door parts work in sync with each other and if one part isn’t pulling its weight, it’s likely your garage door will not work correctly. Garage doors off their tracks are one of the more dangerous issues your garage door may face in its lifetime. A yank or a shove will likely do more harm than good in this situation, and we strongly recommend calling us, your Aurora garage door service experts immediately. We want to make sure your garage door works properly while ensuring your safety each time you use it.


Like all things in your garage, dust and rust can accumulate on your garage springs and cause them to break or lose their strength. These metal springs hold a lot of tension and can break bones easily if they are not replaced properly. You should call as soon as you notice an issue with your garage door in order to confirm the issue is the springs. We replace both springs to ensure they both hold the same tension and the other doesn’t break shortly after replacing the first.

We live in a world of quick remedies and DIY projects but some things are best left to the experts. Aurora garage door services professionals, Aladdin Doors, provides same-day service with reliable remedies for all types of garage door issues. Our team members work tirelessly to ensure every customer is satisfied with our high-quality work and receives the best customer care. When you are in need of garage door repairs or are in the market for a new garage door.

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