Summer Safety Tips From Your Residential Garage Door Company

School is out and summer is finally upon us! Your children are outdoors more often and breaking out the bikes and bubbles. But this can be a problem when your garage isn’t ready for use after the long winter. Before you can feel comfortable about letting your kids loose in the garage, let’s make sure they won’t get into any trouble or harm by following these summer safety garage tips from Aladdin Doors, your residential garage door company.

Safe Storage

Your garage is home to dozens of items that can be dangerous in the hands of children. Be sure to keep all toxic chemicals and cleaning liquids out of reach or in a locked cabinet. Sharp tools should always be kept out of sight. It’s wise to invest in a lockable toolbox if you aren’t able to keep them out of reach.

Keeping things out of reach is important but kids can find a way to reach them by climbing. You should examine your garage carefully to ensure there are no areas that would present your kids an opportunity to climb. All of their toys and sports equipment should be stored together and be easily accessible.

Clean Out Winter

Salt residue penetrates your garage floors and creates buildup which can be dangerous to the structural integrity of your concrete floors. Over time, your floors may become cracked and broken which can be a fall or trip hazard for your entire family. Performing a spring cleaning for your garage floors is easy, a simple mix of vinegar, warm water, and dish soap will remove the salt stains on the surface and prevent damage year after year.

Winter equipment, including snowblowers, shovels, and sleds, should be put away. Snowblowers are particularly dangerous due to their sharp edges and several pinching-hazard areas.  Protect your snowblower by purchasing a cover and store it either in a locked shed or in a space in the garage that cannot be easily accessed by your children.

Car Safety

It may seem unnecessary to keep your car locked when it’s parked in a locked garage, but curious children may use it as a toy. By keeping your car locked you can prevent fingers or hands from being pinched or slammed in the doors. It can also protect your kids from starting the car and causing damage to your home, vehicle, or worse, themselves.

Educate Your Kids

Kids are naturally curious and want to explore as much as they can which is a wonderful thing. But it can be very dangerous if they don’t know what they need to stay away from. Teaching your children about toxic chemicals and dangerous equipment can help keep them safe while they play outside this summer.

Protect your family by practicing these summer safety tips and teaching garage safety. If you’re unsure about the safety of your garage door, call your residential garage door company, Aladdin Doors, for servicing, repair, and installation needs.