What is a Smart Garage Door Opener?

We’ve all been there—halfway to work and not sure if the garage door is closed. The last thing you want to do is turn around and go check, but you also don’t want to leave it open all day long. Until recently, your only option was to call a trustworthy neighbor to close your garage door. Today, you have the ability to close it yourself with the use of a smart garage door opener. Aladdin Doors is an authorized service dealer for LiftMaster’s smart garage door openers, keypads, and remotes. This technology is rather new, so let us tell you why you need it.


LiftMaster smart garage door openers allow you to control your garage door from any smart device anywhere in the world with the push of a button. With a variety of configurations to fit every residential or commercial need, we can help set you up with the best solution for your home or business. Replacing your garage door opener or upgrading your existing one with a MyQ accessory gives you full control over your garage door while giving you peace of mind when you are away.

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Core Features

The core features of the MyQ app allow you to control your garage door, receive activity alerts, and set schedules for garage door usage. It also gives you the opportunity to link your MyQ with partner apps to enhance your garage door control options with voice control and geofencing closing. Added features such as live video feeds, gate closures, temperature adjustments, and light controls are ideal for those who travel often or desire a higher level of security for their home. With real-time alerts, you can be sure your home is in good hands, even when your hands are elsewhere.

Added Accessories

The LiftMaster MyQ Home Bridge enables smartphone control, Siri voice control, and works with Apple HomeKit. Smart garage door openers bring ease to your life with several options for different needs and desires. The MyQ app can be used with all accessories to customize your notifications and control your preferences when you’re home or away. LiftMaster has teamed up with some of the leading brands including Google Home, Nest, and Xfinity to give you more control and convenience in your home.

Compatibility Options

The LiftMaster smart garage door opener is compatible with most major garage door opener brands with the MyQ Garage upgrade. The MyQ Garage allows connectivity with the MYQ system for those who do not have a LiftMaster garage door but still want access and control using the MyQ app.

At Aladdin Doors, we understand how important a quality garage door is as well as the freedom smart garage door openers provide. If you want more control over your home, peace of mind when you are away, or added security, contact Aladdin Doors to purchase your smart garage door opener today. We also provide garage door repair services, sales, and installations for all your garage door needs.

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