With So Many Different Garage Doors, How Do You Pick One?

A garage door separates the wanted from the unwanted and the secure from the scary. How often, though, do you really think about the door itself and what decisions you will need to make if yours is damaged or deteriorates? Once you start looking, it doesn’t take long to figure out there are a lot of choices when it comes to selecting a new or replacement garage door. For some, all the choices could seem overwhelming. You can use price or style to cut out some of the noise, and get to a point where it’s easier to sort through. Once you’ve figured out your budget, the next decision should be to pick the style you like best, and one that suits the style of your home. There are four main categories to choose from: traditional, carriage style, full view, and custom.

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Traditional Garage Doors

Traditional style doors are classics for a reason. They have stood the test of time and blend well with almost any style home and with most exterior materials. They are also reasonably priced, are low maintenance, and have a large number of designs, colors and options to choose from. These also tend to be made of steel, a choice that increases durability and lowers maintenance requirements. However, it can rust if scratches are not taken care of quickly and it will dent upon impact. A couple options to avoid those drawbacks include 24 or 25-gauge panels or a fiberglass overlay. Fiberglass overlays resist dents and don’t rust, but needs periodic painting, while higher-gauge panels are not as easily dented.

Carriage-Style Doors

Carriage-style garage doors tend to have a vintage look and charm to them that traditional-style doors lack. They often include details such as glass, different design elements, decorative hardware and distinctive trim. Homeowners love that these doors keep the charm and look of a swing-out door while utilizing a modern track and roller overhead system like any other garage door. Installing these doors, while they cost more than the traditional style, are generally considered an investment. They can have a big impact on a home’s value and curb appeal because they are usually the first thing people see.

Full View Doors

Full-view garage doors are contemporary in style and thought of as see-through. Before you say no to an all-glass garage door, consider that it doesn’t have to mean clear glass so everyone can see what you own and what you are doing in the garage after midnight. On the flipside, clear glass doors not only let more natural light in, they bring the outside in and are perfect when you don’t want to obstruct your view with a hunk of steel. Frosted glass adds privacy if a view is not a consideration. Either way, glass boosts the amount of natural light let in, far more than doors that have small windows at the top.

Custom Built Doors

Custom-built garage doors can set a home apart from the neighbors, but even more, can be designed to fit the needs of a homeowner where a prebuilt door may not. This could include varying any of the structural or design elements. The varieties are almost endless when considering how many materials, colors, styles, finishes, and decorative elements there are to choose from. Regardless of what style and color you choose for your new garage door, the National Association of Realtors’ Remodeling Impact Report says 87 percent of the cost of replacement will be recovered when the house is sold. Aladdin Doors in Aurora will help sort through the hundreds of options with ease and make sure you not only get the best in customer service, but great prices and fast service.

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