11 Steps on How to Replace a Garage Door Part 2

Your garage door stopped working and you’re wondering if you can put on your Mr. Fix It hat and solve the problem. Of course, you can give it a go but it’s going to take some serious research, planning, and the help of a friend. It may take a few days and a chunk of change, but it’s doable if you’re up to the challenge. We’ve created a brief step by step process showing you how to replace a garage door. Picking up from part 1, the removal process of the old door is complete and you’re ready to install your new garage door.

7. Level Door

Set the bottom panel vertically on the garage floor and use it as your starting point to ensure the door is level. You may need to shim the panel until it’s flush with the ground. Trimming the door panel may be required to ensure it fits the frame properly.

8. Install Weather Stripping

Install weather stripping on the bottom side of the pannel using galvanized roofing nails. These are tough and designed to withstand day to day wear as well as extreme weather conditions. Weather stripping will become less efficient and worn down over time and will require replacement during the life of your garage door.

9. Install Brackets, Tracks, and Rollers

Each bracket should be labeled with an R and an L. Install the brackets flush with the bottom of the door and then assemble the hinges. These are also labeled with numbers to ensure you install them in the correct sequence. Once the bottom panel is connected to its hinge, you can install the rollers and tracks.

10. Attach Panels

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to assemble the tension rod assembly. Attach the panels utilizing the tongue-in-groove design as the doors slide down the track. Fasten the tracks with screws and align both the horizontal and vertical tracks. This will ensure the door is able to move from the upright to the overhead position without a problem.

 11. Finalize Installation

Install the end bearing with both plates on the outside. The hex head is on the bottom and a carriage bolt in the top. Slide the power unit in the ends and fasten with hardened screws. You can make adjustments to its level as long as you don’t tighten too much. Next, fasten each hinge, spring, and cable. You will want a second pair of hands to install the motor due to its weight.
While the garage door installation process is rather rigorous and meticulous, the expert garage door servicemen at Aladdin Doors handle this all the time. Garage door installation can be a dangerous project to take on, even if you’ve done your research. The safest bet is a professional installation of your new garage door. Before you attempt to replace your garage door, give Aladdin Doors a call for your free estimate.