11 Steps on How to Replace a Garage Door Part 1

You have finally decided it is time for your garage door to go. Broken windows, dented panels, squeaky operation, and a host of other issues are driving you crazy. You consider yourself skilled with your hands and have elected to tackle replacing your garage door yourself. Your weekend is cleared of distractions, here are 11 basic steps on how to replace a garage door. Today we will cover the first half of this project: removing the old door and preparing for installation. Before we continue, it is important to understand that this job is typically left to the professionals because there are several steps that should be done by two people, as well as parts which have potential to break bones if not installed properly.

1. Gather Your Materials

When beginning any project, gathering your materials is one of the first steps to ensure you have all the tools and parts you need. For this project, you will need a tape measure, power drill, drill bits, nails, level, and shims. A second pair of hands is ideal if you have a friend who is willing to help. An understanding of your specific garage door and the accompanying parts is important because it will dictate the order in which these steps are actually executed.

2. Measure Your Door

Ensuring that every piece of your project is measured correctly will cut down on redundancy during the assembly process. Accuracy is your friend so double check your measurements. Measure the head room to make sure there is room for the garage door to operate and do not include the trim pieces in your measurements.

3. Remove Door

Depending on your garage door, it may need to be removed while in the up or down position. If your door has tension springs, it will need to be taken down in the up position. It is vital to ensure there is no tension on the door when you remove it or you may cause yourself and your partner serious bodily harm. The average weight of a garage door can vary in weights exceeding 150 pounds. Having a partner is paramount in heavy-lifting situations. Next, Remove the tension springs and carefully pull the door down. There are different ways to take off the various types of springs, so researching everything about your type of garage door and springs is essential.

4. Remove Door Panels

Most door panels are held together with hinged braces and bolts. Simply remove the pin from the top brace as well as the nuts and bolts from each panel. Be sure to save all of your hardware. depending on the type and brand of the new door, you may be able to salvage these parts and save yourself a bit of money.

5. Remove Electronics

Remove the tracks, laser sensors, and brackets holding the tracks in place. Unfasten the brackets holding the motorized lift and snip the wiring. You will need to support the weight of the motor with a ladder unless you have a partner to help you.

6. Remove old frame

The last step before installing your new door is to remove the old trim so you can reframe the opening. Old marks and holes are not only unsightly, but create weaknesess in the frame as well.

Replacing a garage door requires extreme caution and care to ensure the new door is installed correctly. Without extensive experience and education on the matter, this can be a very dangerous project to attempt. Professional garage door replacement ensures the perfect installation and utmost safety for all involved while taking much less time than the DIY option. The experts at Aladdin Doors perform all types of garage door services, repairs, and installations in the Kane County and surrounding areas. For all your garage door needs, call Aladdin Doors to learn more about our services and avoid having to learn how to replace a garage door. Stay tuned for part 2: installing your new garage door.

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