Keep the Garage Cooler This Summer With Garage Door Insulation

With summer fast approaching, keeping cool is a hard job and requires a bit of creativity and effort to ensure the blistering temperatures don’t get the best of you. As the highly anticipated heat draws near, you may be thinking of some projects you want to accomplish around the house. Or you may be a car aficionado looking forward to taking your summer car for a cruise. Whether your garage is home to your summer ride or your workstation, keeping it cool isn’t an easy task. A well insulated garage door works in tandem with these other methods to help keep your garage cooler this summer.

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Fan It Out

Ceiling fans are a great way to increase the circulation in your garage and help you stay cool this summer. If your garage is at least 8 feet tall, install a fan no less than 7 feet from the floor and 10 inches from the ceiling to provide the best airflow. A floor or box fan can do the trick if you’re in a pinch! An open window with a fan can bring fresh air in while pushing the stale, hot air away from you. Now, this doesn’t produce cooler air, but it does help cool you down.


Airflow is your friend so don’t be afraid to crack a window, especially on a nice breezy day! Take into consideration the direction of the wind and use it to your advantage when you are working to keep your garage cooler. It may be helpful to open the garage door by no more than a foot to help cooler air circulate in. Opening a window that is higher can help the hotter air escape and provide more room for fresh air to fill your garage.

Air Conditioning

On a blistering hot day, air conditioning can be your best friend, especially if you have to work in a tight space with little air flow. While this is not the most cost-effective solution, it does the trick and then some. You can even purchase a unit that can produce heat which is ideal for those who also work in the garage during the colder months.


Garage door insulation is one of the areas often left forgotten when working to keep the temperatures in your garage bearable. The sun beaming down on a metal door makes for an extra toasty workshop in the summer. There are a multitude of ways to insulate the back side of your garage door, which help to block the excess heat. Depending on the type of door you have, you may opt for some glue and polystyrene sheets, another option is polyurethane foam. Both are extremely effective at helping to regulate the temperature in your garage this summer.

Ask the proffesinals of Aladdin Doors Of Kane County about the advantages of purchasing a pre-insulated garage door for your home. Keeping a regulated temperature isn’t the only benefit of garage door insulation!

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