Garage Door Installation in Your Neighborhood

If recent issues with your garage door have led you to type “garage door installation near me” into your search engine of choice, you’ve come to the right place. Having an attractive and functional garage door not only adds convenience to your daily life but curb appeal to your home. Dealing with a garage door that won’t open on command, frequently goes off-track, or doesn’t provide the needed security against human and animal intruders can be a major inconvenience. Read on to learn more about the garage door installation process and how Aladdin Doors, which services all of Kane County, can help you with a wide range of garage door-related needs.

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What’s Involved in the Garage Door Installation Process?

Many enterprising homeowners prefer the DIY method when it comes to home improvement. Many tasks, from installing a new sink faucet or toilet to changing one’s own motor oil, can be successfully accomplished after watching a few short instructional videos online or reading a how-to e-book. However, installing a garage door can be a physically tough, complicated, and even dangerous process, which is why it’s so important to enlist professional help for this task. The benefit of using garage door experts for replacement is especially true for commercial garage doors, which can literally weigh tons and require heavy equipment to move them from place to place.

An automatic garage door works by using a motor, assisted by pulleys and cables, to hoist the door up on its tracks until it’s parallel to the ground. The motor then carefully lowers the door to the ground, relying on tense torsion springs to prevent it from crashing down and causing injury or damage to anything below. Problems with any of these components can compromise the functionality and safety of your garage door; and while some issues, like cracked or broken torsion springs or loose cables, can be repaired on the spot, others may require a full door replacement.

Replacing your garage door first involves removal of the torsion springs, cables, and pulleys. After this equipment is removed, the garage door can be carefully folded, lifted, and carried out, making room for its replacement. Depending on the age and condition of your old garage door, you may be able to reuse some components (like the tracks for the garage door’s “side wheels” that hold it in place), but in many cases, it makes more sense to totally replace all parts to ensure your new door will remain functional for decades to come.

Why Choose Aladdin for Your Garage Door Service?

Aladdin Doors of Kane County is a family-owned business with a strong commitment to quick service, competitive prices, and an unmatched customer service experience. Aladdin Doors specializes in garage door repair, installation, and maintenence services, and offers a wide variety of garage door accessories to improve both the functionality and appearance of your residential or commercial garage door. With our same-day service calls and friendly customer service, you’ll never be stuck waiting hours for a repair person to arrive or wondering whether your garage door replacement project will span several days.

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