Three Things to Know About Garage Door Repair in Elburn

Having a garage door that functions well and looks good can add curb appeal to your home and convenience to your life. Conversely, a garage door that has seen better days can make your house less secure against potential burglars, and even increase your utility bills. Here are three things you need to know about garage door repair in Elburn.

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#1: DIY Repair is Not for the Faint of Heart

Garage door torsion springs are designed to help lift heavy doors weighing hundreds of pounds. Trying to fix or remove a damaged spring yourself is a dangerous prospect. Other parts of the pulley system that hoist your garage door may also be tough to remove or repair without some specialized tools. The last thing you want to do is risk injury or further damage to your garage door by trying to undertake a project that turns out to be more extensive than you initially suspected.

By contacting a full-service garage door repair and installation company like Aladdin Doors of Kane County, your door will be quickly repaired by professionals, avoiding the risk and hassle of trying to do it yourself. In many cases, a quick consult over the phone, or even an in-person visit will be all that’s needed to diagnose your the problem.

#2: You May Be Looking at a Sensor Problem

A garage door that won’t open can be suffering from a variety of issues like a broken torsion spring or a burned-out opener motor. However, a garage door that refuses to completely close and returns to its open position most likely has a problem with its “seeing eye” sensor.

This sensor is a safety mechanism designed to keep your door from inadvertently closing on children, pets, or inanimate objects. If something breaks the “eye” connection between the sensors attached to either side of your garage door tracks, the door will refuse to close. Check to see that both sensors are still in place, clean, and free from debris to help you troubleshoot your issue; and if you need additional garage door repair in Elburn, Aladdin Doors can help.

#3: Every Garage Door Needs Occasional Maintenance

You may not give much thought to maintaining your garage door and opener, but taking just a few minutes a couple times a year to give your door some well-deserved TLC can significantly extend its lifespan. Every few months, it’s a good idea to give your door a quick once-over to make sure all springs are rust-free, the tracks are straight, and the cables are taut on the pulleys. Sweep leaves and other debris out of the way of your seeing eye sensors and wipe down the tracks to remove cobwebs.

If you see any structural issues with your garage door during this inspection, having them looked at and repaired (if necessary) sooner rather than later will almost always be cheaper and simpler than waiting until after your door has begun to suffer performance problems.

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