Garage Door Opener Repair Service Of Kane County

Your automatic garage door opener is often times the unsung workhorse of your household, hoisting and lowering a heavy garage door several times a day, every day, for years without complaint. The ability to open and close your garage door from just about anywhere within wireless distance can be a subtle luxury. Read on to learn more about some of the unique, modern features garage door openers have to offer, as well as what you’ll need to do if your garage door (or opener) is stuck, slow, or needs to be replaced.

Wireless Garage Door Opener Technology

If you associate garage door openers with the small device that fits on your vehicle’s sun visor or in your purse, you may be impressed at the recent strides made in opener technology. “Smart” garage door openers can be operated from your smartphone, tablet, or another wireless-enabled device, forever putting an end to the nagging worry, “did I remember to close the door when I left?”

Not only do wireless garage door openers provide convenience, they give you a measure of added security. The garage door can be one of the more vulnerable entry points for burglars, as few homeowners regularly remember to lock theirs. And automatic garage door openers that were manufactured in the 1970s and 1980s generally use a “fixed” code to trigger the door motor. Because this code doesn’t change, it can be vulnerable to cloning by anyone within signal distance using a fairly rudimentary children’s toy.

Modern garage door openers use a “rolling” code instead, which scrambles the series of numbers used to open and close the door each time the button is pushed, making it much more difficult for would-be hackers to steal your signal. And smartphone-powered wireless garage door openers use an ultra-secure encrypted signal, providing you with even more protection.

Garage Door Opener Repair Service

Because of the wear and tear placed on automatic garage doors and their openers, occasional repairs are sometimes needed. Some of the more common garage door opener issues include:

  • A delayed or intermittent response when you hit the opener’s button. This is often caused by something as simple as dead or dying remote batteries.
  • A grinding sound when your door opens. This may involve a problem with your opener motor or a misalignment of the chains, pulleys, or cords hoisting your garage door up.
  • A clattering sound. This usually indicates your garage door isn’t quite on its tracks.
  • A refusal to open (or close). This might mean the safety sensor that gives your door the “all clear” to move has been detached. In other cases, a film of dirt, dust, or moisture over the sensitive sensor might cause it to stop working.

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