What to Do When Your Garage Door Won’t Open

As the Illinois winter trudges on, many homes fall prey to the intense cold and powerful winds characteristic of the Midwest. Garage doors are the first line of defense for your home and take a beating during these harsh winter months no matter how dependable they have proved to be in the past. There are an array of issues that could be the source of your garage door difficulties, but none should be taken lightly or handled as a DIY project. Aladdin Doors of Kane County is your dependable, local source of garage door rescue with expert technicians at the ready, eager to solve the problem for you. There are four common complications one might face with a damaged door, and all will take a certain amount of inspection and investigation.

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The opener itself is one possible culprit and a battery check typically solves the problem.  Further examination is often necessary to ensure there are no underlying issues. At Aladdin Doors, we are authorized Liftmaster dealers and have experience with a wide range of technology that will be able to fulfill and fix your opener needs.


When you have faulty rollers, it could mean the wheels on the garage door track are rusted or worn down. These types of issues can sometimes be accompanied by a loud, screeching noises when the door operates. They are not an easy fix as not many people have spare rollers lying around their garage, and the replacement takes a good deal of experience and knowledge.


The springs on your door are what allow the door to move and need immediate and careful examination when they are not functioning properly. There are risks of further damage and injury when the springs malfunction. Our technicians are able to come and replace both springs in case one breaks shortly after the other in order to save you time and money.

Off The Tracks

There is also a possibility of your garage door being off its tracks, and this is usually the most imperative issue. It can cause injury to you, or others, or structural damage. Simply giving the door a push back into place may seem like a quick DIY fix, but more likely than not, there will be injury and harm involved, and it won’t solve the problem. It is highly recommended that you call someone who has the proper equipment and know-how to repair the problem.

While some garage door issue fixes are cosmetic-type problems, there are other issues that could potentially harm your car, your home, or even you and your family if not treated properly and in a timely manner. Aladdin Doors recommends a yearly maintenance appointment to ensure that all of these issues are taken care of at the first signs of decline. We take pride in our efficiency, timeliness, and ability to perform our job well and keep your home and family safe. Our knowledge, expertise, and desire to help and fix set us apart from our competitors. Call anytime and our professional technicians will be happy to assist you. Visit our website to learn more about our products, services, and to request a free estimate.

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