Do You Know The Signs Of A Worn Garage Door?

The first signs you garage door is in need of replacement may not be noticeable unless you are looking for them. Without knowing what these signs are, you are potentially putting your family in danger of a garage door that suddenly collapses. We want to make sure that danger is avoided by ensuring you are informed of when it is time to replace your garage door.

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Door Opener Response

Garage door openers are a wonderful thing that can be easily taken for granted. When you begin to notice that your garage door has inconsistent, delayed, or no response, it may be a sign of poor wiring. Sometimes wiring can be rewired or replaced, but other times, the wiring may be beyond repair. Openers are not just a convenience but a safety issue as well. Without the assurance that your garage door will open and close when you need it to, you can’t be sure that someone may take advantage of an open garage door when your home is unattended.

Noisy Garage Door

While this sign is one of the notably louder ones you may experience, it can be something that you ignore. A noisy garage door is not only annoying but can be a sign of greater damage and danger. Worn rollers can produce booming noises, squeaky, or high pitched noises. Loose hardware or parts that are in need of lubrication can also be a cause of excessive garage door noise. While these may not be fixes that you want to call an expert for, they can require more than a spray of WD-40 and can be the symptom of a worse issue.

Poor Insulation

Your electric bill may be growing without indication. You may have checked all the usual suspects and still cannot pinpoint the culprit. One reason your electricity bill may be rising is due to weather sealant that is worn, cracked, damaged, or nonexistent. Weather seals are very important in the winter and summer months and can save you from spending unnecessary money on excessive electric bills.

A misaligned track may be another culprit of poor insulation in your garage door. When your door is not properly aligned, the seals that are meant to create a barrier cannot do their job. It can prevent your garage door from closing fully and letting in air, debris, or rodents. It is highly recommended that you have your garage door serviced each year, ideally in the fall, to ensure your garage door is ready for the winter months and to be able to identify any signs of wear and potential damage.

When you are able to identify the signs of a worn garage door, you are better able to prepare for a new garage door and prevent your old one from being a hazard to those you love. Aladdin Doors has seen garage doors off their tracks, broken springs, and so much more. With several years of experience in the Kane County and Fox Valley areas, our garage door experts can be trusted to handle your garage door repair with care. Visit our website to learn more about our products and services. Be sure to contact us to receive your free estimate.

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