My Garage Door Opener is Broken

Garage door openers are one of those magical things we often take for granted. With a simple press of a button, we can lift and close our hundred-pound garage door without exerting any physical effort. Garage door openers are one of life’s many technical advances that we get to take advantage of until one day it stops working. When this day comes, it may be a normal weather day, or it may be a day with a huge snow or rainfall that will drench you in an instant. Your only option is to make a break for the door. Your next steps should include calling Aladdin Doors to come fix or replace your garage door opener.

Sales and Repair


Your garage door opener may simply need a new battery to bring it back to life. To do this you will need a screwdriver and new batteries. Most garage door openers require a battery that you will likely need to go buy if you haven’t already bought this specific battery. The 3V2032, 3V2016, or 3V2450 are generally the most common battery in garage door openers but be sure to check your manual or the old battery to ensure you replace it with the correct type.  

Hidden Issues                                                    

There are plenty of reasons a garage door may not open that are completely unrelated to the garage door opener itself. If the garage door won’t close, be sure to check that the sensors are aligned correctly, they often show green lights when they are aligned and red if they are not. Another common and simple fix is to check that the power source is plugged in and there is power to that switch. You may have forgotten to plug in your garage door after using that outlet for another purpose, or unplugged it accidentally. Garage doors also have a feature that prevents the motor from lifting the garage door. Be sure to check if your motor is connected, it is usually accessible by a red rope that dangles below the motor.

Larger issues may be at fault as well. You may not hear when your garage door breaks but there are several culprits that can be to blame. Doors off their track can prevent your garage door from opening smoothly or at all. Broken tension springs can also prevent proper function of your garage door, and at times can produce a horrible sound. Snapped cables are another likely culprit of a garage door that won’t open. Each of these are NOT do-it-yourself fixes. They all require a proper inspection from a garage door specialist who can identify the exact problem and fix it without incurring damage to themselves, you, or your garage door.

Aladdin Doors services the Kane County and Fox Valley areas and is experienced in all types of garage door repairs, services, sales, and installations. They can put you at ease with a properly working garage door and garage door opener with a quick visit. With guaranteed same day service, you can be sure your safety and accessibility of your home is a top priority. Visit our website to learn more about our garage door services or give us a call to schedule your free estimate.

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