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In a world of a-la-carte, choices, and options, it can be a relief to have a one-stop shop for all your garage door needs. With services including repair, installation, and sales, Aladdin Doors of Kane County has the quality expertise to solve your garage door problems. Aladdin Doors has served the Kane County and Fox Valley areas for several years and comes highly recommended.

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Sales and Installation

Our experts are happy to assist you as you choose your new garage door to fit the style of your home. We offer free consultations to best match your desires with the right quality door for your space. Worn out garage doors often require frequent maintenance or lose their reliability. We recommend replacing an untrustworthy garage door to protect your family and enhance the look and feel of your home! With various colors, styles, materials, and accessories to choose from, we are happy to lend our expertise!

When you are satisfied with your choice of a garage door, our installation team will ensure a perfect fit, safety, and efficiency to install your garage door promptly! We are authorized to install openers, keypads, and remotes through several different garage door manufacturers. The Liftmaster operators allow for remote access from your phone, tablet, or laptop!

Residential Repair

Your garage door may be in good condition, but might require a quick repair. Some common repairs include roller replacement, doors off their track, and broken or damaged garage door springs. All of these can lead to increased damage throughout your garage door or to a dangerous safety situation of left unresolved. You may be able to pinpoint a sound that should not be occurring or even see the issue but without proper training, trying to fix it on your own can quickly lead to further damage or loss of function. Opener and keypad errors may be all that is preventing your garage door from functioning as it should. Once you’ve replaced the batteries and run out of ideas, give us a call to fix or repair them quickly.

Annual Maintenance

One of our most highly recommended tips is to have your garage door checked each year to ensure it is in proper working condition and see any issue that may arise shortly. Our team is trained to see problems, hear problems, and solve those problems quickly while leaving you with full customer satisfaction and the assurance of a garage door that does what it should! The annual expense pales in comparison to the expense needed to repair a car that is damaged by a broken garage door or even worse, the physical damage that can occur to your family, friends, or pets.

Expert garage door repairs, sales, and installation come naturally to Aladdin Doors. With years of quality work, high customer satisfaction, and keen attention to detail, your garage door service company is clear! We even offer same day service – guaranteed! Visit our website to see our beautiful gallery, learn more about our company, or fill out a free estimate request for your garage door needs. We look forward to helping you choose a new garage door or fixing your garage door repair needs.

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