Winter Weathered Garage Door Repair

Midwest winters are harsh and can produce alarming winds that rattle the windows. These same winds that blow can wreak havoc on your garage if your garage door isn’t working properly. Aladdin Doors is your Elburn garage door repair company. We have seen our share of broken and old garage doors that don’t hold their weight against the weather. We know there are few things more irritating than pressing the close button on your garage door and nothing moves. Here are a few issues that may be causing you frustration with an improperly working garage door and the solution for these problems.

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Potential Issues

Garage door repair requires a bit of assessment before the work can begin. There are various issues that may be causing your garage door to not work properly such as a broken spring, rollers that don’t roll, twisted tracks, or horrible sounds. With a simple phone call, one of our expert technicians will come to you, assess the garaged door symptoms, and make a plan of action. We even tackle smaller issues including weather stripping, openers, and keypads. We highly recommend yearly maintenance to help prevent unwelcome surprises throughout the year.

Garage door rollers gently guide your garage door on its track but without properly working parts, it can produce loud noises or it can prevent your garage door from rolling with ease as it should. One of the causes of roller issues is rust or dirt that accumulates on your rollers or tracks. This damage can spread from one little area to your whole track if left unchecked. Our nearly sound-proof rollers have our Aladdin Doors lifetime guarantee.

Like most metals, garage door springs can break or rust over time. Without springs that work properly, your garage door won’t open as it should or it may drop without any warning causing damage to your property or your family. If you continue to use your garage door with broken springs, the damage can cause further damage to any other area of your garage door. The best practice is to replace both garage door springs at the same time, even if only one is damaged, to ensure the second spring has the same quality and lifespan as the other.

Quality Garage Door Repair

We can withstand the weather as we repair any garage door damage that you may have. We want to protect your family from any damage that an improperly working may cause and help keep you warm in your garage. Our services are very extensive for both residential and commercial garage doors. We can even help you pick out a new garage door if you are in need of a new garage door look. All of our technicians are highly trained to handle any garage door issues and leave you with a properly working garage door. 

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