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Credibility isn’t a word that can be tacked onto a company who wants to be credible. True credibility is built over time and with relationships that reinforce quality at every turn. Customer reviews and word of mouth are one of the best ways to find a quality company. With search capabilities sitting at our fingertips, how do we weigh the difference between a quality or non-quality garage door company? 

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Garage door companies must be qualified in all aspects of garage door maintenance. Whether it’s a yearly check-up on the mechanics and working condition of your garage door or an emergency situation, experience must be extensive in order to tackle all problems and issues that may arise with your garage door.

We strive for quick and top notch service when you face the frustration of a garage door that won’t open, close, or makes a horrendous sound. Preventing an accident is always an ideal situation when your family is involved. At the first sight or sound of alarm, Aladdin Doors promises same day service to the Kane County area.


Your garage door is one of the most used mechanical instruments in your home. As the world has upgraded in many areas, the available garage door selections have increased as well. The wide variety of material, color, and styles can enhance your home’s appeal and functionality as well!

We also have a selection of heavy-duty commercial doors to choose from to upgrade your business and simplify your life. We have the expertise to help you choose the right door for your business’ specific needs and can install the door you select.


After your purchase your new garage door, our work isn’t over. The installation process is not one that can be tackled by yourself. Hiring a professional garage door specialist is imperative to ensuring your new garage door works properly and looks perfect in its new home. Aladdin Doors has the expertise to install commercial and residential garage door with ease and efficiency.

Aladdin Doors is a credible Kane County garage door company with a strong mission to provide top quality garage door repairs, installation, and sales in the Kane County and surrounding areas. With extensive and detailed customer reviews and a gallery of both commercial and residential projects we have done. We offer free estimates on our sales, installations, and repairs. 

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