Why Do I Need Garage Door Maintenance?

Garage doors are easily taken for granted. We have become accustomed to the convenience of pressing a button and having instant access to our garage. What happens if we didn’t clean our home for a whole year? It would be pretty hard to live in after a while. Your garage door is one of the most used items in your house so why wouldn’t you treat it with the care you do your home? We suggest annual garage door maintenance to keep your garage door functioning at its highest potential and keeping your family safe. So what exactly is garage door maintenance?

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There are several specific hardware pieces that take the brunt of wear on your garage door. As you may expect, dealing with garage doors, which are powerful and dangerous, are best left to the professionals. There are plenty of DIY projects around your house so leave this one to the professionals. Nuts, bolts, and brackets are not meant to last a lifetime and are often one of the first checks in garage door maintenance. Some may be rusted and not work as they were intended to. This is a simple fix but can be disastrous if not addressed. Loose bolts are a quick fix as well.  

When working with any electronic, please make sure the power has been disconnected before you touch anything. Springs and chains are an integral part of your garage door system. Without them, the door simply would not open. Just like all metal, these pieces can become rusted which impairs the integrity of the door itself. Lubricants are essential to ensuring these your garage door opens smoothly and without any screeching.

Choose Safety First

Garage door maintenance needs to include a regular check of its balance. The balance directly relates to the spring tension. Too much tension and the door won’t hold a steady position when disconnected to the motor. Not enough tension will result in your garage door falling.  This can be a huge safety hazard to your whole family.

Weather seals keep the rain from pooling in your garage and the animals from making their home where they don’t belong. Over time, weather seals can become dry and cracked and lose their ability to do their job. Replacing these is a quick fix to keeping your garage insulated to help keep your cars safe and your hobby space warm in the winter.

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