Three Common Commercial Garage Door Problems

Garage doors can often be taken for granted, going so far under the radar to be unnoticeable–that is, until years of perfect function give way to a broken spring, burned-out motor, or other issues that can prevent your commercial garage door from operating properly. If you’re facing problems with your garage door, you may be worried about the cost of diagnosis and repair. Fortunately, most garage door issues fall into just one of a few categories. Read on to learn more about three of the most common problems that might strike your commercial garage door and how each can be quickly repaired.

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Damaged Torsion Spring

Your garage door’s torsion springs are what keep it from crashing to the ground at a high velocity each time it’s lowered. Because these thick springs absorb thousands of pounds of pressure each time your door moves, over the years, they can become worn, cracked, or rusted.

One of the main signs of a damaged torsion spring is an inability to open your garage door all the way. You may also notice that your door appears to have trouble staying on the tracks, or observe that the torsion spring is stretched-looking or cracked. When this happens, your spring will need to be replaced and recalibrated so that it can again lift your garage door effortlessly.

Damaged Cables

While your garage door’s torsion springs are what support the door and allow it to gently rise and fall without crashing, the cables are what keep it on its tracks and provide you with an extra layer of protection against unexpected crashes. These cables can become weaker over time and will need to be replaced every couple of decades to minimize the risk of breakage or injury.

If one or more of your garage door’s cables are frayed, floppy, or cracked, having them professionally replaced is your best bet. This process is simple and can ensure you don’t switch up two cables in a way that prevents your door from operating properly or causes further issues.

Damaged Motor

Automatic garage doors rely on a garage door motor to power the cables that raise and lower your door and keep it in place. Like any small engine motor, these motors can become damaged or worn out over time, especially if your commercial building tends to be dusty. Replacing this motor or the entire opener assembly is a relatively simple process.

We at Aladdin Doors of Kane County don’t just specialize in residential garage doors, we can troubleshoot your commercial garage door issues, perform maintenance, and even install new garage doors when you need them. Trying DIY garage door repairs can be dangerous; the springs, cables, and other components can be under thousands of pounds of pressure, risking serious injury if a spring snaps or a cable goes flying. If you’re tired of struggling with a damaged commercial garage door, give Aladdin Doors a call at (630) 448-1079.

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