Signs of a Broken Garage Door Spring

An automatic garage door can be one of life’s little luxuries, allowing you to enter and exit your vehicle in the comfort of your garage rather than being exposed to the elements. However, this luxury can be rudely interrupted whenever one of the heavy-duty springs that keep your door from crashing to the ground begins to give way or breaks entirely. When this happens, your door may cease to function entirely or may require you to manually open and close it rather than using an electronic opener.

Read on for some of the tell-tale signs of a broken garage door spring and why hiring professionals, like those at Aladdin Doors of Kane County, to perform this repair—rather than trying to fix or replace a broken garage door spring yourself—is the wisest and safest choice.

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Signs of a Broken or Damaged Garage Door Spring

A garage door generally has two torsion springs, each connected to one of the door’s tracks. If one of these springs breaks or loses tension, the cables holding each section of the door to the pulley may become slack; because these springs aren’t always visible to the naked eye, depending upon your door’s design, it may actually appear as though one or more cables are broken.

Another telltale sign of a broken garage door spring occurs when your automatic garage door refuses to open more than a few inches. This is a failsafe mechanism designed to prevent damage or injury from a broken spring, but can be more than a little frustrating when you’re trying to move your car. In this situation, your emergency release lever may or may not work to open and close your door.

A final indication that your garage spring or springs may need to be replaced is a visible gap in the spring itself. While these springs can naturally loosen up a bit over time, a visible gap is often a sign that the spring has lost tension and will no longer reliably lift and close your door.

Your Repair Options

If you’ve struggled to hoist your garage door open without the aid of an automatic door opener, you know firsthand how heavy these doors can be. As a result, your garage door springs are designed to be extremely heavy-duty, equipped to handle thousands of pounds of pressure without buckling or giving way.

This means that DIY garage door spring repairs are almost always a dangerous idea. Unless you have specific training in repairing or replacing these springs, you may find yourself directly in the path of a piece of high-tension, high-velocity steel if your hand slips or you otherwise make an error in judgment when performing the delicate task of installing the replacement spring. Removing a broken or damaged spring can also be a dicey prospect since it can be hard to predict the spring’s path once the tension is removed.

Because of this, it makes sense to contact a reputable garage door repair company like Aladdin Doors of Kane County to handle this repair for you. Aladdin’s efficient and highly-experienced technicians can quickly diagnose your garage door’s problems, remove or repair any bad springs, and leave your door as safe and functional as a brand-new one.

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