Five Garage Door Maintenance Tips

Garage door maintenance can be complicated, depending on the door. Modern garages can use technology that has a tendency to confuse even professional garage door repairmen, let alone the average homeowner. Luckily, catching a problem early is often as easy as paying a bit more attention to what’s happening when the door is in motion. Check out a few basic tips for a better understanding of how your garage door works.

Use Your Senses

Is your garage door making odd noises, or does it seem like it’s slowing down in one particular area? Do the springs and the pulleys line up on either side like they’re supposed to? Is the paint chipping away or has the steel become dented? If not, sometimes it’s as easy as tightening up a roller bracket or sanding down one of the sides, which will take you practically no time at all. If you’re using your garage door multiple times a day, it’s fairly easy for a bolt or two to become loose.

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Protect Your Parts

Leaves, ice, and dust can all impact how your garage door functions. Keep an eye on the weatherstrip that creates the barrier between your door and the elements, and replace it if it’s old and cracked. Inspect the tracks to ensure that no outside debris is clogging the movement. Finally, lubricate the opener chain, springs, and screws with widely available products like lithium grease to better protect it from dust and rust.

Manually Test the Balance

You can use the release handle on your garage door to check its balance. There’s usually a red cord located somewhere near the door that you can pull. Once you’ve done this, pull the garage door up with your hands and then step back completely. If it falls to the floor, you’ll need to have a professional adjust the springs. Failure to do this will eventually lead to a garage door that doesn’t work at all.

Check Your Rollers

After even just a few years of heavy use, rollers can start to crack and wear away. Rollers are supposed to be inspected at least twice a year, though few homeowners actually do this. If the rollers aren’t attached to the cable system, they should be fairly easy to replace on your own. However, it’s often more practical to call an expert to ensure smooth movement and quality products.

Safety First

Never try to perform your own maintenance with high-tension cables. They can actually be deadly if you don’t have the right training and experience. Instead, look for any type of damage to the cables at the bottom most roller bracket, and then call an expert if you see broken strands on the cables.

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