Trust the Garage Door Experts

Garage doors come in all kinds of shapes and sizes, and can even be custom made for homes or apartments. A true garage door expert is not intimidated by the many differences between them. While each configuration may be different, all mechanisms are built to keep your property safe from harm (and your car in a shady spot.) Our expert title comes from having the skills needed to tackle and solve the most unorthodox of problems.

The Power of Experience

Even those at the top of their field understand that they don’t know everything. When it comes to garage door repair in Kane County, Aladdin Doors has you covered. We have a staff that has faced practically every imaginable garage door problem, and who understands the straightest path from broken to fixed. But more than that, our staff relies on each other to share knowledge for better insight into the best course of action. It’s this very teamwork that makes us an unbeatable force in our field.

Everyday Services

You can count on Aladdin Doors Kane County to diagnose any electrical or mechanical trouble with your door. When your garage door starts to slow down or will only close on the fourth try, there’s no time to waste. It may be a simple solution, such as cleaning the photo eyes of the door or replacing the transmitter, but it may be something more serious than that. The torsion springs, rollers, and rails all play pivotal roles in lifting and closing your garage door. When they start to malfunction, these components need to be treated by skilled hands.

Additional Help

Technology has made garage doors far more convenient than they used to be, but technology brings its own set of problems too. A common garage door repair today may be fixing an immobile garage door due to improperly aligned rollers, but a common garage door repair tomorrow may be additional security that comes with a garage door controlled from the security of your phone or laptop.

Call Us Today

Garage doors need inspections at least once a year if they’re being used multiple times a day. Even if it seems to be working perfectly, it may be just one more operation from becoming stuck. Slight slow downs or hiccups in the garage’s functionality may be difficult to spot for the busy homeowner, but they’re signs of a larger problem to a trained eye. To ensure your day can run smoothly (and that you get to work on time), the experts at Aladdin Doors can check the stability and strength of your garage door. Contact us today for more information!